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The new IPF formula for calculating points across different weight classes.

The IPF Points Calculator is based on the new IPF formula for comparing relative strength across different bodyweights.
The old wilks points calculation is included and can be turned off.

Calculate with ease

Automatic calculation while you type

IPF Points app

This is a handy tool for coaches to use during a powerlifting meet or in preparation for a meet for their athletes. Easy and intuitive design for quick calculations.

Easily switch between modes with a simple tap in the app «Male/Female», «Powerlifting/Bench» and «Classic/Equipped». The app recalculates the points on the fly!

– IPF Points: Enter bodyweight and total/exercises.
– Target: Enter bodyweight and desired IPF point, the app tells you how much you need to lift to reach that IPF point. Include option to round to nearest 2.5.
– Compare: Add yourself/athlete and compare with others (coming).

– Both kilo (kg) and lbs (pounds) are supported.

Feel free to rate the app, feedbacks are welcome!

Have fun and stay strong, good luck!