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Available for Android & iOS

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Being a referee has never been easier!

The Referees app is designed to solve todays manual solution with cards and hand judging, while making the sport more modern and audience-friendly.

The Referees app is also a MUCH cheaper solution than todays alternatives.

Easy to use

Hosting a meet just got easier

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Intuitive design

Start using at once

referees app - easy to use


Use any screen to show the lights

referees app - lights

The worlds first app for referee lights for powerlifting!

– Create new meets (free until 31th of august)
– Judge a meet
– Show lights
– Show statistics for meets
– Show reason for failures (rules)

Support for weightlifting coming in a future update!

Three referees uses the app to judge a meet, simple as that.
1. Select meet
2. Selects the correct position to judge from
3. Judge!

The meet director must set up a screen to show the lights.

It’s also possible for everyone to download the app and show the lights directly on your device if you for some reason cant see the lights.

Must be connected to internet when in use via WIFI or mobile network.

Email me at [email protected] or visit walgermo.com/referees

Good luck with your meet!